Rubber Inlayed With Nylon
For those who appreciate the benefits of natural rubber and prefer an open weave design is the best line of open-weave natural latex area rug pads available. It protects your investment against wear, pile crushing and prevents accidents by keeping rugs from slipping with natural rubber’s superior grip strength. The open weave allows the rug the breath.

·EcoNet is the world’s most earth friendly rug pad. Made with natural rubber and jute. For use over laminated wood, wood, tile and other hard floors. Open grid design lets rug breathe, eases vacuuming, and protects your floors and rug. It will not stain, mar or discolor standard flooring.

·SecureNet is mad e with soft pillows of rubber to provide a comfortable cushion that holds rugs tight to the hardwood floor. It will not stain, mar or discolor standard flooring. 


·Rubber Anchor and Rubber Anchor II- Made with open cell natural rubber, Rubber Anchor’s comfort, resilience, performance in protecting against rug wear and preventing slipping on both wood and tile floors is unsurpassed by any other rug pads. Rubber Anchor’s smooth surface eliminates the possibility of texture showing through even the finest rugs. Rubber Anchor II was designed to enhance all the qualities of Rubber Anchor. Not only is it 40% lighter in weight, it is tougher, springier, grippier and longer lasting. The finest area rugs deserve the Rubber Anchor. For both on hardwood and wall to wall floors.

UltiMat/ OptiMat

Finally, an area rug pad that performs as well on wall-to-wall carpet as it does on hard surfaces. With two different thicknesses and twice the number of uses, UltiMat and OptiMat are the ultimate pad.  Place the reverse waffle "tentacle grip" side face down on hard floors and you have more gripping power than any other pad. Turn UltiMat or OptiMat over - rubber side up - and you have a pad that keeps area rugs securely in place over wall- to-wall carpeting. The surface is specially treated to provide extra grip and prevent fuzzing and fraying. UltiMat is made with 28 ounces of fiber and 20 ounces of washable rubber and 5 ounces of latex face coat per square yard. OptiMat has 22 ounces of felt and 16 ounces of non-washable rubber per square yard with a heat fused face.